Do you imagine a situation where your girlfriend cheats on you and you catch her red handed? Is it even possible to deal with it in any way?

A 25 year old Josh Gilbert from San Diego, California has proven that it is actually possible to dodge a bullet, when he decided to show the world pictures of his girlfriend caught in bed with another man.

“I would never expect something like this from her, I thought she loved me” – said Josh.

Catching your beloved on cheating is a huge blow. You start asking yourself questions: Why? What did I do wrong? It leaves you emotionally devastated and makes you feel like your whole fell apart.

When Josh’s work trip to LA has been cancelled, he decided to surprise his girlfriend and come home earlier than expected. He was very excited to see her again, but all those positive feelings disappeared the moment he saw her in bed next to a naked man. “I was completely shocked, I couldn’t make a move.” – said Josh.

“They were both sleeping naked in our bed, didn’t even wake up when I entered and said: SURPRISE” – he adds.

Well, it was quite a surprise, but clearly it was Josh who was astonished in the end…

He left their bedroom and started to think: “What am I supposed to do now? Wake them up and kick them both out of my apartment?”
Josh was still trying to defend his girlfriend, even after what she’s done to him. “Maybe it’s also my fault, I was all the time at work, maybe she just got too drunk and made a mistake?” – says Josh.

Suddenly a crazy idea of revenge popped up in his head. He went back to his bedroom and took pictures of his girlfriend sleeping next to a naked guy.

“I will make her remember what she’s done” – he thought. It didn’t take long for him to post all of them on Facebook, including a selfie he took with both of them knocked out in the background saying: “It’s been two years we are together, I came home early to make her a surprise, here is what she prepared for me”

His pictures immediately reached thousands of people around the world, who started to comment his reaction. Most of them congratulated him for keeping a stiff upper lip after what he saw. He answered all the comments: “From now on, my life will be better off without her. Revenge is sweet.”

Later on he came back on Facebook to thank all the people who supported him through this rough time. He believes his story can be a good lesson to many people who found themselves in a similar situation.

He wrote: “You all made me realise world ain’t as bad as I thought. Thank you so much for that.”